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V2MOM: 6sense’s Approach to Marketing



The CMO of 6sense is critical of ABM, saying it’s really just another term for good marketing. Further, because buyers wish to remain anonymous during the research process, that means marketers have to rethink their marketing. They have to use their own product to find the best ones—which 6sense does. In addition, the 6sense CMO laid out a brief methodology for prioritizing significant objectives. It’s called V2MOM, which stands for “Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures.”

In marketing, there are many approaches that claim to be new, but are really just old approaches with new wrapping. Account-based orchestration company, 6sense, changes all of that with an approach that works for them. 

That approach is called V2MOM. It stands for:

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Methods
  • Obstacles 
  • Measures

Let’s explain how this works:

The crucial aspect of V2MOM is that marketers come up with the vision and values part together with the leadership team. Challenging the norm is all part of the V2MOM plan.

The “Methods” part of the idea is to focus on what has to be done to reach the vision laid out in the step before. Order the steps that need to be taken to achieve the vision in a hierarchy.

“Obstacles” really doesn’t refer to obstacles as much as it does the company’s willingness to designate ownership of those challenges, For example, 6sense makes sure there is at least one person owning every method. 

As for “Metrics,” they are usually associated with “Method” with at least one person responsible for it. For example, 6sense uses 3-4 metrics per method. According to them, “metrics need to be clear so on a weekly basis you can deem them red, yellow or green.”

And marketers would want to implement a V2MOM strategy when they’re trying to prioritize their most important objectives. 

6sense developed this method because they realized that many B2B methods are falling short of their mark. In light of that, instead of trying to figure out who a buyer is—many wish to remain anonymous during the buying process—marketers should embrace their buyer’s anonymity.

But then how do marketers find customers?

6sense finds theirs by using their own product. They use it to do everything from target identification to engulfing accounts with personalized messaging.

Original article from Forbes on 7 January 2020. 

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