Top ABM Case Studies

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Terminus – VersionOne Drives 2x More Sales Opportunities with ABM

Their team has received recognition for how they’ve implemented and found success with ABM, including winning the SiriusDecisions Demand Creation and ABM Program of the Year.

Drift – Talk To The Buyers You Want: How Spredfast Supercharged Their ABM Funnel With Drift

Here’s how Spredfast uses Drift to power their ABM campaigns to have more conversations and book more meetings with their target accounts.

Engagio – Bringing ABM to the 21st Century: JDA Unlocks the Power of ABM at Scale

Join Heidi Bullock, the CMO of Engagio, as she speaks with Cristan Hutto, JDA’s Director of Marketing Operations on how they redefined ABM for today’s world to close more deals and increase pipeline by $2 million.

MeritDirect – Mining Your Customer File for Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing is not just a strategy in new customer acquisition, it is an approach that should be executed as an organization across all marketing in order to be successful.

B2B Marketing – O2’s ABM Campaign Perfects Sales and Marketing Alignment, and Smashes Targets by 325% 

Find out how O2’s ABM program brought sales and marketing together, using customer insights to create a highly-personalized report that proved the value of partnering with O2

HubSpot – Using HubSpot for an Account-Based Marketing Strategy

At AlayaCare, a SaaS startup in the home healthcare industry, we’ve paired our inbound marketing efforts with an ABM and sales strategy that involves prospecting, scoring, nurturing, and selling to multiple high-value targets and accounts.

Marketing Sherpa – B2B Marketing: SAP creates $27 million in new pipeline opportunities

To better cater to the top 10% of its accounts, SAP implemented an ABM program. Learn how this specialized effort led to a $27 million increase in new pipeline opportunities.

Pardot – Nucleus Research: VMware + Salesforce Case Study

Prove marketing ROI with customized ABM campaigns that now attribute 20% of additional revenue.

Terminus – Uberflip Creates Personalized Content Experiences to Accelerate Deals

“As we move into Account-Based Marketing, we are realizing that is really important to be much more targeted in our marketing and sales strategy.” – Uberflip’s Head of Marketing

The ABM Journal

The ABM Journal was created because we got tired of sifting through all the noise about ABM and wanted to gather only the very best and useful Account-Based Marketing information in one place. In addition to our own research and insight, we aggregate executive level summaries, insights and takeaways—along with some of the top ebooks and other resources available.

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