Alyce Unveils New Capability, B2B Gift Tracking Possible



Alyce unveiled a new capability of its platform called Swag Select™. This tool keeps track of personalized gifts so that there are no complications in delivery. The capability also enables users to get their swag from Alyce, or use an outside, third-party vendor. “Track[ing] a package by individual [is also an option], allowing senders to measure and attribute the influence of each mailer on pipeline.” According to Alyce, because there has been no way to measure ROI in the past with swag, Swag Select™ changes the game.

Alyce, the B2B platform for gifting, has announced a new feature the platform is capable of. The feature is called Swag Select™. The whole point of it is to gain insight into the impact of B2B gifting through the ability of Swag Select™ to track packages.

And that’s not all, according to Alyce. 

The company announced that Swag Select’s™ tracking capabilities are refined to the individual level. This way, companies can “measure and attribute the influence of each mailer on pipeline,” as well as get Swag directly from Alyce or a third-party vendor.

In a statement, Greg Segall, the CEO of Alyce, commented that current events are forcing companies to innovate and rethink the way they do business. And that means their gifting strategies must change as well.

Segall continued, saying how companies managed swag in the past has been a fractured process—it was due for an overhaul anyway. What Swag Select™ does specifically is that “helps companies create stronger personal bonds with everyone they do business with, while helping businesses save time, money and the environment.”

Alyce found in a report that companies spend about 185k annually on gifts. And companies don’t have a way to measure the returns on their gift spending. All of this changes with Swag Select™. 

“With Swag Select™, every item of swag delivered is tracked to a specific individual, so companies can measure and attribute the influence the selected swag has on a company’s pipeline and customer base.”

According to the Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Alyce, Blake Grubbs, Swag Select™ gives marketers a whole new level of insight when it comes to measuring the returns on their gifts. It even “allow[s] marketers to measure and report on swag across different use cases, which was never before possible.”

Original article from DemandGen Report on 2 April 2020. 

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