xiQ Rated No. 1 for Account Based Marketing Customer Satisfaction



xiQ has received high marks from G2 in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) customer satisfaction; in other words, it was recognized as the 2020 ABM High Performer by G2. While the platform received excellent ratings across the board, its best was how easy it was to do business with. The Founder and CEO of xiQ commented that these ratings solidify xiQ’s standing as an ABM market leader.

Top-notch business solution review website, G2, has recognized xiQ, which is an ABM and sales platform, as the 2020 high performer. This means that G2’s rating further cements xiQ’s standing in the ABM and sales arena as a frontrunner.

Out of all of the reviews for ABM solutions on G2, xiQ has the most that are five-star. For example, while the company received high marks across the board, some of its most noteworthy ratings come from the lack of difficulty in getting the support they feel they need. G2 rated xiQ a 10 for its product direction—xiQ’s strongest point.

The parts of the platform that received the lowest rating—that of a 9 and 9.1—were in the areas of how well it meets requirements and how easy it was to interface with the platform.

In a statement, the Founder and CEO of xiQ,  Usman Sheikh, commented that they were thrilled to receive these ratings from G2. The high customer satisfaction ratings have really changed the game for the business. 

Sheikh also said that the buyer’s journey can be reimagined thanks to AI. This innovation allows the cultivation of “a platform that is intuitive, practical and drives intelligent personalization.”

Broadly speaking, xiQ makes B2B marketing and sales easier with ABM and AI. But it’s not all the company is known for. For example, xiQ has the ability to enable sales reps to distinguish themselves from their competition by having access to “personality-based insights.”

Another thing xiQ does is create, develop, and launch engaging marketing campaigns in 90% less time. Not only that, but xiQ can analyze these campaigns, too. From that analysis, xiQ can get intent data straight from the prospect. 

Original article from MarTech Series on 6 February 2020. 

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