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Terminus has released a brand new version of its native chat solution, which generates a 700% uptick in account-based engagement. Ever since the ABM platform acquired Ramble, an account-based chat provider, Terminus has been able to build from the deal to release Chat Experiences—the only native chat on an ABM platform. Terminus customers are already seeing promising results with the introduction of Chat Solutions.

Terminus is viewed as #1 in ABM and the leader of the ABM movement. Following their acquisition of Ramble, an account-based chat solution, Terminus unveiled Chat Experiences, which is said to provide a 700% bump in account-based engagement.

There are a variety of applications for this mode of communication, including:

Chat Experiences enables users to deploy real-time, account-based conversations at a buyer’s exact moment of interest, all directly within the Terminus platform. With Chat Experiences, users create a seamless experience, connecting target audiences directly to the most appropriate rep, in seconds. Terminus’ playbooks intelligently collect visitor data, trigger sales automation for prospects and customers, and qualifies inbound traffic in real-time.

And Terminus customers are already seeing results from the introduction of Chat Experiences, including:

  • More than a 1500% rise in sales conversation
  • Over 3.5 million identified target accounts
  • Three-fold increase in lead volume

In a statement, the GM of Channel Applications for Terminus, Justin McDonald said Chat Experiences has identified nearly 4 million accounts, and that’s powerful.

In addition, McDonald also mentioned that Chat Experiences is revolutionary for today’s marketer, especially when used with other Terminus channels, such as Email Experiences or Ad Experiences.

Summing up, McDonald remarked “Native chat is unmatched, and we’re proud to be the first and only ABM platform to make this possible.”

Original article from Business Wire on 4 August 2021. 

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