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TechTarget Boosts Marketing and Sales Engagements With Intent Data at the Prospect-Level



TechTarget has recently announced some upgrades to its IT Deal Alert Priority Engine. In short, the improvements prioritize information aimed at a better understanding of a prospect, such as their research or ties to the buying team. This allows Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Demand, Field, and Inside Sales teams to hone-in on prospects with the right messaging. TechTarget has conducted beta testing for this capability. That effort shows promising results. The updates include a touched-up user interface, deeper data, and much more.

TechTarget is an international frontrunner when it comes to “B2B technology purchase intent data.” They recently built upon and upgraded their IT Deal Alert Priority Engine. It  enables marketers and salespeople to reach active in-market accounts.

The upgrades feature insights at the prospect-level. This is something never seen before in the industry and focuses on better understanding a prospect through, for example, their research or ties to the buying team.

According to the Senior Vice President of Products at TechTarget, Andrew Briney, intent data should be focusing on the people who buy at accounts, rather than the accounts themselves. 

Briney continued, saying that TechTarget has always done this—provide information on the people at accounts. The only difference now is, the process of doing so is more refined with the improvements.

As for who these upgrades benefit most, these “enhancements allow for hyper-personalized orchestration and outreach for Field and Inside Sales teams, and, for Demand and ABM teams, far more powerful targeting and messaging capabilities.”

TechTarget has conducted some beta testing with a few of their customers and hear some very promising feedback. For example, Morag Keirns, the Director of Customer Marketing at SolarWinds, an IT Management Software company, says the company “achieve[s] better response rates with less effort.”

And finding and managing those prospects is easier than ever with an new spin on a  Salesforce integration. This allows marketers to:

°  Be able to see the account and prospect insights provided by TechTarget directly in Salesforce

°  Be able to enrich pre-existing Salesforce “records with behavioral intelligence”

°  Be able to add “high-priority prospects to Salesforce with a single click”

Original article from BusinessWire on 9 September 2020. 

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