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“State of B2B Marketing: 2021” Report Unveiled by Fortella



Fortella released a survey-based report called the “State of B2B Marketing: 2021.” Borrowing largely from the knowledge of Director-level professionals usually from the tech sector, the data uncovered tactics and strategies of top-performing marketers. Those individuals generally segment their audiences through Account-Based marketing (ABM) and cite budget issues as the primary pain point.

Fortella, a “Revenue-Driven Marketing Platform,” released a report called the “State of B2B Marketing: 2021.” Based on surveys, the report yields insights pulls back the curtain on the types of tactics and strategies of top B2B executive teams. The report also determines what made these teams successful in their efforts.

The bulk of the report’s data came from professionals who at least made the director-level at 73%, with slightly more than a quarter—25%—being from executives at the C-level. This metric topped Vice Presidents, who accounted for 17%. 

In terms of the industries these Directors, C-level executives, and Vice Presents came from, the majority of them are from the tech sector. 

Of note, there are four crucial insights the report uncovered, which are:

°  Exceptional marketers are 17% more likely to accept upselling responsibility, while 21% are more likely to take the reins for customer retention. 

°  Nearly every B2B marketer—97%—segments their audience in some form of another by:

•  ABM—62%

•  Customer Size—57%

•  Geography—55%

•  Industry Vertical—55%

°  Perhaps unsurprisingly, many marketers:

•  64% of them cite budget issues as a challenge 

•  This was followed up by 46% reporting tracking issues

•  Ensuring data quality at 42%, 

•  Finding the right people at 36% 

•  Marketing/sales alignment at 33%.

°  B2B marketers use 5-6 tools regularly—top-tier marketers usually use a Customer Data Platform (CDP) at 77% while the remaining 33% use video. 

According to co-founder and CEO of Fortella, Rahul Sachdev, Many modern B2B marketers focus on metrics that drive revenue. He also added:

“The rising tide of new technologies, increased competition, and shifting expectations about marketing’s role within the company presents both a difficult challenge for marketers to overcome and a tremendous opportunity to thrive if executed properly. We published this research-driven report to help marketers understand what the top-performers are doing so that they can succeed as well.”

Original article from MarTech Series on 17 December 2020. 

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