SelectHub Debuts New Service, Helps Point-Out Opportunities for Sales



SelectHub has released a Community Intent data service that allows businesses to see not just prospects’ purchasing signals, but also the individuals who initiated them, says the Co-Founder and COO of SelectHub in a recent statement. Going further, the data gathered from using SelectHub’s Community Intent can be used to accelerate results gained from ABM efforts. Likewise, the service can also be used to analyze which pieces of content prospects are interested in.

SelectHub is a business platform designed to assist businesses in choosing the best software developer/programmer/designer for their business. They recently released a new use of the platform called Community Intent.

Put simply, it’s intent data with a twist. In addition to seeing what the buying behaviors of marketers’ prospects are, with Community Intent, marketers have visibility into who initiated a buying decision.

According to the Co-Founder and COO of SelectHub, Hernando Blanco:

Imagine using buyer intent signals and insights to improve products, seeing trends in industries and feature choices — even who is buying. With SelectHub’s Community Insights, software vendors can now see what deals are being lost and why. We have real buyers working on real projects in our software selection platform, defining what they need from their next solution. Buyers use us because they save time and mitigate risk, and in doing so, provide insights into their behavior and expectations.

SelectHub’s new service also has applications for content, too. More specifically, Community Intent can be used to figure out which pieces of content perform the best, and who visits which content assets.

Lastly, as the name implies, “Community Intent,” it means that this tool can be used for ABM, “by seeing what companies in their target market are looking at which specific solutions, what features they like and which individuals are making purchasing decisions.”

Original article from EINPresswire on 29 June 2021. 

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