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RollWorks Tightened Up Their Data With Strategic Partnerships



RollWorks has recently announced partnerships with G2, Kickfire, and Bombora. These moves will enable the account-based platform to be able to pick up “multi-faceted, account-level intent signals” with great ease. And these joint ventures come on the heels of data investments, bolstering their 98% match rate, as well as their overall data set. The VP of Partnerships at RollWorks commented that data is everything—while everybody is focused on ABM, data is just as important.

RollWorks, an account-based platform, teamed up with a few companies to cushion their data supply. Specifically, RollWorks partnered with G2, Kickfire, and Bombora to maintain their standing as a leader in data and pick up intent signals more easily.

The idea is that with high-powered intent data—RollWorks’ latest motion bumps their account match rate up to 98%—RollWorks can remain in a data leadership position.

According to the VP of Partnerships at RollWorks, Mike Stocker, ABM is important, but the data that enables high-powered ABM strategies needs to be of a high-caliber, too. In particular, he commented in a statement saying that:

“Data powers all aspects of robust account-based strategies, from discovering your ideal customer profile to setting up your target account list and then targeting those accounts in the most efficient and effective way… As everyone is focused on ABM capabilities, we cannot forget that ABM is tethered to the underlying data. A highly accurate match rate is the underpinning of all tenants – without it, you’re missing the big picture. The industry needs to get match rates as close to 100% as possible, and RollWorks has done that through our own data foundation and partnerships.”

When it comes to what each individual company contributes to the partnership with RollWorks, they are as follows:

  • Bombora – They will provide RollWorks with their Company Surge® Intent, which involves Bombora scoring intent over 4,000 B2B content sources, finding out how active specific accounts are, and figuring out buyer intent.
  • Kickfire – They supply RollWorks with improved accuracy when it comes to first-party information. “Combined with RollWorks Account Fit and Account Intent, it helps marketers prioritize accounts based on their stage in the buying cycle.”
  • G2 – When G2’s and RollWorks’ intent data capturing capabilities are combined, RollWorks can “identify in-market behavior and power their go-to-market strategies.”

Original article from PR Newswire on 25 August 2021. 

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