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PathFactory and 6sense Collaborate to Provide Top-Notch Dataset for ABM’ers



PathFactory reaches deal with 6sense in order to “give marketers complete visibility into the quality of account engagement,” as well as determining which “content and topics” are shepherding marketers’ prospects through the buyer’s journey. When users interact with any of a marketer’s content, this deal enables PathFactory to tell you which account is behind the hit, thanks to 6sense. PathFactory customers don’t need a 6sense subscription to enjoy these services. And this integration is one of many future integrations PathFactory hopes to make in 2020.

PathFactory is the top content intelligence provider. 6sense is an Account-Based Orchestration Platform enhanced by AI. Recently, PathFactory and 6sense have reached a deal that enables marketers to have the best view of account engagement—that is, marketers will have “complete visibility into the quality of account engagement.”

In addition, under this deal, PathFactory customers won’t even need a 6sense subscription in order to enjoy these services—6sense’s account identification will be available right on the PathFactory platform. 

Further, marketers will also be able to determine which “content and topics” are guiding marketers’ prospects through the buyer’s journey.

According to the CEO of PathFactory, while Account-Based Marketing (ABM) isn’t a new thing necessarily, many still struggle with it. This integration hopes to help marketers get the most out of the buyer’s journey by maximizing revenue-generation.

When visitors interact with a PathFactory customer’s content, 6sense’s technology can tell them which account is initiating contact. At the same time, PathFactory is supplying information about which type of content a customer is consuming and for how long. Once this is done, marketing and sales teams can know who is truly engaged. 

And all of this is CRM-compatible so marketers can add customer context for sales to work from.

The CEO of 6sense said that merging together content consumption data with account identification data is of vital importance if marketers want to execute ABM the right way.

PathFactory is not stopping here, either. 

This integration is one of many slated for 2020. PathFactory has been “named one of three Cool Vendors in Technology Marketing by Gartner in 2019,” while 6sense has set its sights on AI improvement having secured “$40 million in Series C funding from Insight Partners.”

Original article from MarTech Series on 23 January 2020. 

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