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Oracle CX Prioritizes Data Insights for CX Initiatives



Oracle CX updated its customer experience cloud. Broadly speaking, the update enhances Oracle CX’s marketing and sales capabilities. The executive vice president of Oracle CX Cloud and Oracle Data Cloud believes this update is essential to ensuring customer interactions matter. The update features specifically Digital Assistants, new sales capabilities to ensure collaboration with marketing teams, easier account prioritization and orchestration, and real-time notifications as soon as a given market shifts.

Data-driven decisions are more important now than ever before. Recognizing the need for data-driven experiences, Oracle CX has launched several updates to its Customer Experience Cloud. 

These updates will make it easier for an organization to come together through the use of Digital Assistants. These Assistants are available to marketing, sales, and customer service teams. In addition, the updates bring “new industry solutions for telecom and media, financial services, and public sector.”

In a statement, executive vice president of Oracle CX Cloud and Oracle Data Cloud, Rob Tarkoff, commented that the only way to make sure customer interactions matter is to take a data-based approach. A good example would be the new updates Oracle launched recently.

Tarkoff continued, saying that customers can leverage this technology to be one step ahead of the curve in figuring out what the customer wants. 

What’s important to consider when marketers look at what these updates do is that “Oracle CX is an integrated set of applications across marketing, sales, service, and commerce.” Knowing this will allow marketers to be able to appreciate the improvements Oracle CX has put in place.

Such improvements include: 

  • Digital Assistants to ensure marketing, sales, and customer service is done right with voice-enabled technology. 
    • For sales, this means teams can get quotes using their voices. 
    • For customer service, teams can get answers quicker. 
    • For marketing, teams can get the support they need when constructing marketing campaigns.
  • New sales capabilities to ensure collaboration with marketing teams. In particular, integration with Oracle DataFox helps sales manage relationships and earn more business.
  • Easier account prioritization and orchestration. This means that the DataFox integration fosters better marketing/sales alignment.
  • Account enrichment allows marketers and salespeople to create improved customer profiles. Taken together with an improved ability to prioritize accounts, marketing, and sales teams generate revenue for businesses more efficiently.
  • Real-time notifications as soon as a given market shifts. This allows sales teams to create talking points that are informed by data.

Original article from AiThority on 24 December 2019. 

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