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New Research by MRP Looks At the Effects of COVID-19 On ABM



The ABM platform MRP has released the results of their survey designed to uncover how much COVID-19 affected ABM. Before the pandemic, many businesses were starting to experiment with ABM, and now the need for an agile marketing strategy has become clear to many more. According to the Director of Corporate Marketing at MRP, future ABM success depends on “[advancing] the use of global data, predictive models, and robust collaboration innovated in the pandemic to improve outcomes and drive new value.”

MRP is an enterprise-grade ABM platform that recently announced the results of a survey designed to find the extent to which COVID-19 has impacted ABM. MRP carried this survey out by “[partnering] with global research and advisory firm Demand Metric” to survey more than 400 marketing leaders around the world between April and May of 2021.

As a result, MRP found that virtually every marketing leader acknowledges that the pandemic has affected their marketing one way or another, and many counter these ill effects by investing in ABM.

But now that ABM has become more mainstream, new challenges present themselves. For example, nearly half of all respondents affirmed that their account profiles have changed because of this.

At the same time, statistically significant portions of survey respondents found that prospects and customers don’t use the same channels and are less responsive to the content they were served before.

This data makes the case that change is needed to survive using ABM. When asked about this subject, the Director of Corporate Marketing at MRP, Jennifer Golden, said the following:

Enterprise marketers have risen to the challenges of changing products and business tools with new ABM strategies that ensure they remain connected to their target accounts – and to their sales and marketing peers across their own organization…

Looking forward, the key to ABM success is to continue to advance the use of global data, predictive models, and robust collaboration innovated in the pandemic to improve outcomes and drive new value and success.

Original article from My Tech Decisions on 25 May 2021. 

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