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Madison Logic Now Offers Journey Acceleration On ABM Platform



Madison Logic (ML) added a new feature to their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform lately. The goal is to have an easier time with “full-funnel performance visibility and pipeline impact reporting.” This feature also integrates with Salesforce for enhanced visibility and reporting capabilities. In a nutshell, the capability provides B2B marketers with the opportunity to broadly measure campaign engagement, impact, and performance.

Madison Logic is a global ABM platform. They recently rolled out an offer that decreases the difficulty in “full-funnel performance visibility and pipeline impact reporting.”.

Tom O’Regan, the CEO of Madison Logic:, commented on this in a statement:

“The full-funnel visibility unlocked in ML Platform with Journey Acceleration Measurement gives B2B marketers what is most important for driving growth: insights and data around the volume delivered by campaigns, pipeline conversion velocity, along with the intrinsic value of revenue influence and ROI, all in one place.”

Basically, ML’s new capability, Journey Acceleration Measurement, which can integrate with Salesforce, has everything B2B marketers need to promote business growth.

More specifically, it provides a means for B2B marketers to be able to measure and have a record of engagement at every step of the buyer’s journey. B2B marketers will further be able to see how this engagement interfaces with pipeline and revenue numbers.

At an even more granular level, the offering enables business growth in three key ways:

  • Dynamic Targeting: Dynamically target and segment prospects by understanding who they are and where they are in the buying journey through deep integrations with Salesforce and Marketo combined with intent and firmographic data.
  • Messaging: Achieve better conversion by continuously engaging your target prospect with dynamic, relevant content and the right messaging strategy throughout the entire buyer’s journey. By integrating with Marketo, marketers can leverage the same messaging being using in email and social media nurturing to accounts via ABM Advertising and ABM Content Syndication.
  • Acceleration: Speed the buying committee to close by automatically moving prospects into the proper media and content program. Data pushes back into marketing automation platforms allowing marketers to target existing opportunities by looking at intent data and feeding them relevant content to keep them moving down the pipeline.

ML customers have used the new capabilities offered by the platform to measure their ABM efforts. That way, those efforts can be honed, documented, and held up as proof that an ABM strategy is working.

Original article from DestinationCRM.com on 1 April 2021. 

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