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Let Your ABM Program Drive Results, Not the Other Way Around



Some marketing strategies come and go like seasons, but ABM is one that isn’t just another passing fad. You’re probably already doing it in some form or another— but are  executing this strategy properly? Thankfully, there are some ways to ensure your ABM plan isn’t all talk and will yield actual results. 

ABM is here to stay. The overwhelming majority of marketers worldwide — SiriusDecisions found 92% — can support this fact. Be that as it may, it can be relatively easy for marketers to get carried away by a fancy new feature and let that lead their ABM program astray. 

This is in direct opposition to allowing ABM to run the way it’s supposed to—by letting the results of a program chart the course, rather than the actual program. In short, it’s always wise to stick to the script.

In light of this information, it’s always helpful to revisit the basics of what makes ABM such a great (and functional) marketing strategy. If you want to be successful in executing your ABM strategy, you need your sales and marketing departments to be in sync with each others’ business objectives. 

To assist in getting your departments to play nice, try distinguishing their roles as it relates to account engagement. Try to define the responsibilities of everybody involved, as well as defining their role in the organization relative to the ABM program.

Closer to ABM’s inception, its practice was normally for larger organizations. Having said that, in today’s day and age, new tools and technologies make the practice of ABM a lot simpler. This allows a more balanced approach to carrying out ABM’s promise.

Know your business targets and choose the ones that have the most tactical significance relative to your business. When you’re finished identifying and selecting your business targets, plot them in accordance to how they square in the customer journey. 

Realize that the customer journey is different for each business. Some pipeline velocity strategies, such as pipeline acceleration or “wake the dead,” may need to be used. Certain businesses will only be seeking information, while others may be testing the waters, and some others will be ready to jump in headfirst. 

For all the work you put into your ABM program, the antiquated “spray and pray” mentality is still very much a presence. Your team may have a hard time shaking it. It is very tempting to rely on vanity metrics and attempt to use them to grow your business. This makes identifying metrics properly of the utmost importance.

Naturally, as a consequence of this action, going after a whole account takes time. ABM is an investment. As such, by getting your message in front of the right faces at precisely the right time, you stand to gain much more than if you were merely targeting leads.

Original article from Marketo on 5 April 2017. 

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