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Introducing: Terminus Global Ad Targeting, Chat Playbooks, Live View, and More



Terminus recently released new capabilities that enable users of the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform to get the most from their ABM strategies. These new capabilities “drive full-funnel revenue generation.” The most notable capabilities include Global Ad Targeting, Chat Playbooks, and Live View. Terminus’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) remarked that this new rendition of the platform is about generating revenue. 

Terminus is an ABM platform and the leader of the ABM movement. They recently released a string of new platform capabilities that make it easier for businesses to generate revenue.

This new development comes in hot off of Terminus’s latest integration with sales engagement platform, Outreach. Terminus’s CPO, Bryan Wade, has commented that these new features are all about revenue generation. 

This makes Terminus’s latest release highly compatible with Outreach, as well as other such sales engagement platforms. 

In particular, of the newest capabilities of the Terminus platform, three are notable:

Global Ad Targeting: Terminus now has the ability to scale international ABM campaigns. “Campaigns and tactics” are performed through the platform. 

Chat Playbooks: “Adding to the already powerful Terminus Chat, this release includes playbooks designed to intelligently collect visitor data, trigger sales automation with prospects and customers, and qualify inbound traffic in real-time. To make building powerful chatbots even easier, Terminus has released a visual builder in addition to a linear builder to create immersive and intelligent chat bot interactions with visitors.”

Live View: Terminus users can now contact accounts before they have a chance to contact them and see a host of “live information” about accounts visiting marketers’ websites. 

Wade further commented that in order to build an ABM platform that stands the test of time, ABM and sales need to work together more intimately. Sales needs to reach out to accounts at the right time and place, and that’s what these updates help customers do.

Original article from MarTechSeries on 11 February 2021. 

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