Gartner Designates xiQ as the “Cool Vendor in Technology Marketing 2021”



Gartner has recently awarded xiQ the distinction of being the “Cool Vendor in Technology Marketing 2021.” The CEO of xiQ, Usman Sheikh, is thrilled with this decision. This accomplishment comes on the heels of a distinction in Account-Based Web & Content Experiences from G2 that xiQ earned last April.

Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm, has recently classified the marketing and sales platform xiQ as the “Cool Vendor in Technology Marketing 2021.”

The news comes as a moment of personal triumph from xiQ CEO, Usman Sheikh. In a statement, the businessman said that he’s proud of the company and its ability to provide meaningful results for marketing and sales teams as an innovator of its space.

In a separate statement, Gartner disclosed their rationale to bestow this level of prominence upon xiQ. Christy Ferguson explained the decision— basically, Gartner thinks xiQ is cool because they add a layer of complexity to garden variety accounts and persona-level personalization efforts.

According to Ferguson:

At the account level, xiQ’s AI powered B2B sales and marketing platform curates account news and the insights from contacts within each account to support both marketing and sales teams in their ABM initiatives. The platform curates all publicly facing news about a target account and breaks it down into different categories, such as CXO moves, partnership news and strategy. This enables marketers to prioritize accounts, segment contacts and create personalized ABM plays to engage with buying team members.

While that’s happening at the account-level, on the person-level, xiQ leverages DISC personality analysis, which involves grouping an individual’s personality traits into four categories: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

Ferguson spoke to how xiQ works with this framework in an example:

For example, a report for a Chief Strategy Officer might indicate a dominant personality trait and advise sellers to make the point quickly and be bold and confident. Whereas a report for a CMO may include insights that show an influencing personality that appreciates collaboration. In this example, the report would advise sellers to earn trust before making their point and project politeness and respect versus the bold approach used with the Chief Strategy Officer.

xiQ receives such differentiation fresh from receiving the honor of being named the “Top Performer in Account-Based Web & Content Experiences and in Sales Intelligence” by G2 in April.

Original article from B2B Marketing on 20 July 2021. 

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