Forrester’s B2B Waterfall Shines at B2B Summit, Generates Revenue Through Existing Customers



Forrester recently held a virtual version of their B2B Summit. A big moment of the Summit was when Forrester showed off their latest B2B Revenue Waterfall. It seeks to have B2B companies view closed/won deals as repeatable revenue they can retain. The Summit also highlighted Forrester’s recent research, as well as a new solution targeted toward help customers called Forrester Decisions.

Research and advisory company, Forrester Research, recently held the B2B Summit North America, which is a place where B2B thought leaders, influencers, and experts gather to talk shop.

At this year’s virtually-hosted Summit, it brought to light Forrester’s latest B2B Revenue Waterfull. But what makes this latest innovation noteworthy is that it focused on revenue generation through existing customers:

This new “bar chart” waterfall visualizes account and targeted opportunities and classifies those opportunities as “detected, engaged, prioritized and qualified” to help B2B organizations understand how their opportunities move through the Waterfall and generate pipeline. Kerry Cunningham, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, explained that B2B organizations need to adopt an opportunity approach to their conversion rates instead of lead-focused approach to drive revenue.

But the Waterfall wasn’t all that was featured at Forrester’s B2B Summit. It also put the spotlight on on relevant pieces of research from the past year. Further, Forrester debuted a brand new solution to help marketers in the industry.

This was done all in different sessions. For example, one session centered around buyer behavior, where it was revealed that “80% of decision makers were involved in complex buying processes, with 63% [of them] involving more than four people in the decision-making process.”

Another example of the types of sessions offered at the B2B Summit North America is one that prioritized relevant research. On that, Forrester showcased the results of their Global ABM survey:

The research showed that 26% of marketers are moving toward a more aligned account-based organization and 32% are planning for greater alignment. As a result, B2B organizations are undergoing an operational convergence, allowing teams to work under a unified account-based strategy through internal collaboration.

Finally, the Summit also saw Forrester showing off a new solution called Forrester Decisions. It helps “marketing, sales, CX and product management leaders and teams build customer-focused strategies.”

The general idea of Forrester Decisions is to utilize what’s good about SiriusDecisions and Forrester to make a comprehensive solution that provides results.

Original article from DemandGen Report on 13 May 2021. 

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