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Forrester Provides 2020 Marketing & Sales Predictions



Forrester released a new report titled, “Predictions 2020 B2B Marketing and Sales Report.” Demand Gen Report interviewed Caroline Robertson, VP Research Director at Forrester for what she thinks the main takeaways of the report are. According to her, there are five things she sees. First, buyers don’t want to be sold to—they want more control over their buyer’s journeys. Second, “buyer-centric structures and tech investments will hit an inflection point and accelerate.” Third, as more business is conducted electronically, sellers can expect to see engagement rates to increase. Fourth, increased support for buyer’s journeys. And finally, “partner experience value will match customer experience value.”

Forrester authored a new report that makes predictions on the purchasing behavior of buyers for the coming year in 2020. The report is called the “Predictions 2020 B2B Marketing and Sales Report.”

The VP Research Director at Forrester, Caroline Robertson, gave an interview with Demand Gen Report that highlighted the major themes of the findings.

For starters, B2B buyers don’t want to be sold to. While that notion itself nothing new, this fact highlights the need to make it possible for buyers to be in control of their particular buyer’s journey. Marketers will need to engage buyers more completely in both the physical world and the digital one—all while recognizing their human needs. 

Another prediction from the report is that it’s not about the product—it’s about the buyer. That too is old news, but what is news is that product-centric thinking will no longer be practiced. 

According to Robertson, “It’s much more effective to be customer-solution oriented and that doesn’t happen unless you have internal advocates orienting towards a specific audience or customer type.”

Also forecast from the report is that sales will have slightly more contact with the buyer. Sellers’ engagement levels will increase by a small margin as buyers view them as a contact they can always reach out to for support. 

Lastly, as more organizations support an organized buyer’s journey, B2B organizations are expected to make their partner experiences as good as their customer experiences. The evidence from the report is statistically tied. DGR says “Forty-three percent of global B2B marketing decision-makers rank improving customer experience as a top priority in 2019, and 39% are looking to improve the partner experience.”

Original article from DemandGen Report on 15 November 2019. 

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