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DBTV is Demandbase’s new streaming offering that aims to produce authoritative, quality content, since an increasing amount of viewers cutting the (cable) cord. Other companies, such as Salesforce and Terminus, are expected to trail close behind in the streaming game. Launching DBTV into the B2B streaming atmosphere was phase one of Demandbase’s strategy. But they will do so using ungated content for the short-term until they figure out how they should treat the streaming service, whether that’s lead gen. or something else.

Demandbase, the ABM platform and key player in the ABM movement, recently unveiled a new B2B streaming offering called DBTV. Demandbase’s new offering seeks to produce high-quality, authoritative, and informational content on-par with their B2C counterparts.

Since more and more viewers are cutting the cord with cable in favor of streaming content, it gives marketers a clear signal to start developing their own streaming services. That’s what Salesforce and Terminus are doing, with both platforms releasing streaming B2B TV services next month.

In a statement, Demandbase’s VP of Content, Social and Influencer Marketing, Jon Leiberman, doesn’t see why Demandbase can’t replicate the success of their B2C streaming counterparts:

We know it works for B2C, with the success of Netflix, so why can’t we make it work for B2B? That, coupled with attendance being down for virtual events, showed that it’s a hard ask to show up at a given time and commit to the event. It’s not how people are living their lives these days. They want it when they want it. Even for TV, appointment viewing doesn’t exist except for news and sports.

Demandbase’s content will be ungated until they can figure out how to distribute and manage the streaming service, be that standard lead gen. or something else. Leiberman said on the subject, “The thought behind DBTV was, frankly, let’s be empathetic and think about how people in this world are consuming content, and how easily accessible we can make it in an ungated, digestible format.”

There is a lot of untapped potential for B2B video marketing in a streaming format

For Demandbase, a next phase [beyond the launch] includes allowing watchers to register under their own personae and filling out more video content to meet these sub-topic demands. The result could be a robust offering that will fill the need for business professionals and decision makers to self-educate while also being nurtured by an informed, data-driven nurture experience.

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