Demandbase Buys InsideView and DemandMatrix to Improve Demandbase One



Demandbase has bought-out two businesses to bolster their Demandbase One solution. These two companies, DemandMatrix and InsideView, will serve to reinforce existing Demandbase cloud offerings, as well as help the ABM platform to offer new ones.

The ABM platform Demandbase launched the Demandbase One B2B Go-To Market Suite in the late months of 2020. The company has since sought to strengthen the Suite by acquiring marketing and sales intelligence leader, InsideView, as well as top-tier technographic and intelligence provider, DemandMatrix.

The CEO of Demandbase, Gabe Rogol, believes that Demandbase One is the culmination of data meeting marketing and sales applications:

You have Zoominfo and Dun & Bradstreet on one side, and then you have Marketo, 6sense, Terminus and Demandbase on the other. And I think combining both so you can partner with your customers much more flexibly, and because of the insight that you can get within your platform, is a natural evolution of where we’re going. And we can’t believe that we’re kind of the first to get here.

More specifically, Demandbase One’s new capabilities, fueled by DemandMatrix and InsideView, are in five key areas:

  • Firmographics –Using InsideView, marketers can access firmographic information in excess of 20 million accounts, including market segments, industries, location, and more.
  • Technographics –The features of DemandMatrix supply marketers with information about a company’s tech stack, IT spend, cloud consumption, etc.
  • Intent –This data reveals which companies are actively searching for solutions.
  • Account Identification – The feature allows marketers to identify the accounts of anonymous website visitors.
  • Contacts –With InsideView supplying contact data, Demandbase one gives marketers access to “people who work at accounts, including name, function, job level, title, contact information (including phone), location and social networks.”

Demandbase wants to go beyond marketing and sales alignment, and with these two deals in the works, Demandbase One can supply account intelligence that supports marketing at the contact level.

In addition:

Finally, the Data Cloud empowers Demandbase to become a data vendor that provides direct access to data for accounts and uses that data to power its own solutions — intelligence, advertising or ABX solutions. The Data Cloud will also include Data Integrity, a customer data management solution powered by InsideView that is designed to continuously clean, monitor and unify CRM data with reliable, up-to-date information.

When the acquisitions are finalized, Demandbase intends to keep InsideView and DemandMatrix as their own businesses with their leaders remaining in their roles.

This way, the companies can do what they do best while coordinating with Demandbase to give marketers the information that differentiates the brand.

Original article from Demandbase on 4 May 2021. 

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