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Certain Inc. Teams Up With Meetingselect, Pushes Event Planning Capabilities



Certain Inc. joins forces with Meetingselect to provide more strategic event management opportunities to customers after promoting James Huddleston to VP of Marketing. Certain Inc. promoted him after he served as its Sr. Director of Product Marketing for three years. Meanwhile, the partnership between Meetingselect and Certain Inc. is all about efficiency, maximizing function within a single event management platform. Meetingselect customers now have access to Certain Inc’s event automation capabilities.

Certain Inc is an event automation platform, and Meetingselect is a meeting management platform. Together, they teamed up to bring strategic value to the meetings space. This comes on the heels of Certain Inc.’s announcement of James Huddleston to VP of Marketing. The move only seemed natural since Huddleston previously served three years as the Sr. Director of Product Marketing.

In Huddleston’s new role, he’ll be responsible for bringing stronger automation and data to Certain Inc.’s marketing team. This way, Certain Inc. can help their customers redefine what success looks like. 

The strategic partnership between these two companies brings new benefits Certain Inc. can add to its offerings. Such benefits include “Global event venue and conference hotel sourcing, RFP management and event budgeting, and spend tracking.”

According to the CEO of Certain Inc., Peter Micciche, its customers are seeking a quality, pain-free experience arranging and managing their meetings at every stage.

Micciche continued, saying that on the other hand, Meetingselect is a titan in their industry. But they also need “venue sourcing and invoice management.” And Certain is capable of providing such services. 

More precisely, Micciche said, “Meetingselect is the industry leader for global corporations in need of venue sourcing and invoice management, and we are excited to join forces with a partner focused on the corporate hospitality market with a deep understanding of the sourcing challenges, offering our customers one integrated process.”

On the other hand, Meetingselect founder, Judith Huisman, said that the move is really about efficiency on their end. Huisman is “looking forward to offering [their] clients a solution that will allow them to not just increase efficiencies and save costs on the sourcing process but increase the business values of their events.”

Original article from DemandGen Report on 9 January 2002. 

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