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Adobe to Broaden Product Appeal to SMBs and SMEs



Adobe is now offering its services to SMBs and SMEs. At the same time, Adobe also has a new person in a VP position. His name is Gary Specter, and he will be the VP and global head of GTM, Commercial Business. Adobe is looking to broaden its customer base by appealing to SMBs and SMEs, who’re looking to compete with enterprise businesses. Customers now have access to Adobe Stock and Magento Commerce, which grants them access to images, templates, and videos. With Adobe Analytics suite, customers can easily build campaigns to scale. 

Adobe: now in SMB and SME size. Adobe is looking to build up its customer base in the SMB and SME sector. The business is looking to address the “growing challenges in the martech ecosystem,” and as such, also made a new promotion. The promoted person, Gary Specter, will now be the “VP, global head of GTM, Commercial Business at Adobe.”

Adobe sees an opportunity with SMBs and SMEs. It recognizes their desire to compete with enterprise-grade businesses, but also realizes that this segment of the market is not adequately served. With the amount of tools and technologies in the SMB and SME stack on the rise, Adobe decided to take steps to simplify it. 

The company has a wide range of products to offer SMBs and SMEs, including “offerings from Magento Commerce (Content Management System), Adobe Stock, Marketo Engage (Marketing Cloud with CX Platform), Adobe Analytics, Adobe Sign for Small Business, and Adobe Creative Cloud.”

Customers now have access to Adobe Stock and Magento Commerce, which enables them to use “Adobe Stock’s more than 130 million assets, including images, templates, 3D assets, 8 million stock videos and 750,000 premium collection images.”

Using the sophisticated features of the Adobe Analytics suite, customers can also build and monitor campaigns with a great deal of ease. Adobe cares about SMBs and SMEs, and this effort reflects that commitment.

According to Specter, “The acquisitions of Magento and Marketo helped Adobe gain a deeper understanding of the unique needs of commercial businesses, allowing us to extend our enterprise-grade applications down market and bring the modern infrastructure to run a digital business to companies of any size.”

Original article from MarTech Series on 24 October 2019. 

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