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Act-On Software recently released an in-platform SMS channel to help marketers automate SMS campaigns. The channel will enable its users to send a wide variety of messages, including purchase confirmations, appointment reminders, and system outage notifications, to name a few features. According to the CMO of Act-On, the new solution provides marketers with the building blocks necessary to access new audiences

Growth marketing automation platform, Act-On Software, has launched a new SMS channel built as a part of the platform.

“The solution seeks to help marketers build SMS-automated campaigns ahead of time and send direct messages immediately for real-time, personalized mobile engagement.”

The CMO of Act-On, David Greenberg, commented that:

Our focus has always been making our customers successful and our SMS automated marketing solution gives them the means to reach their audiences when and where it makes the most sense… With this new solution, we aren’t simply checking a box and allowing our customers to send mobile alerts. We are providing growth-minded marketers the keys to an entirely new automation strategy to reach their audiences.

There are a few notable features of the SMS solution, which are:

  • Behavioral Segmentation and New Reporting Capabilities – This capability allows users of the platform to capture the behavioral data that comes along with the responses prospects and customers give. This helps how users carry out their SMS marketing activity, as well as makes targeting better and segmentation easier.
  • Faster Message Sending –This feature “pre-builds automated programs and sends more immediate direct messages in a short period of time.”
  • Easier Content Creation –This area of the platform makes creating content more convenient with link shorteners, message previews, and a “message composer.”
  • Opt-In Management –This offers a place to manage various opt-in settings marketers offer to customers, maintaining compliance with data regulations in many countries has never been easier.

Original article from DemandGen Report on 29 April 2021. 

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