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ABM Stack Evaluator Assists Marketers in Choosing the Right Tech for Their ABM Strategies



Demandbase released a new report that found many marketers believe their tech stacks are not up-to-par. But these are companies that have a hard time finding the right ABM tech in the first place. To answer that, Demandbase launched a survey that provides recommendations for ABM tech. The CMO of Demandbase says that finding the right tech that agrees with an ABM strategy is challenging and it’s the reason why ABM Stack Evaluator was created.

Demandbase is an ABM platform and a leader of the ABM movement. They recently released “State of the ABM Tech Stack”— a report that found much dissatisfaction among marketers with their current tech stacks for ABM. The report also points out that it’s a business’s ABM tech stack that propels a program to success or failure. 

From these findings, Demandbase decided to take action in the form of a seven-question survey designed to help marketers pare down the choices for ABM technologies. This survey is for marketers that have had trouble selecting ABM tech, and have immature existing tech stacks.

For the participants in the report, ABM isn’t new to them—their programs, according to them, are near-complete or fully-implemented. 

The CMO of Demandbase—Peter Isaacson—said in a statement that there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to ABM technology so that’s why the survey was developed. Given that the survey is actually connected to ABM tech vendors, it makes choosing the right tech for an ABM strategy difficult. Hence the survey.

The report also gives rise to a few interesting findings— with most relative to account and content engagement when it comes to measuring it. For example, according to the report:

“Tracking content engagement by target accounts was the number one challenge for respondents struggling with content marketing, (63 percent) followed by producing quality content fast enough or insufficient quantity (57 percent).”

Demandbase wasn’t alone when carrying out this report—they conducted it with Demand Metric, which is a research firm that put the report over the top.

Original article from MarTech Series on 4 November 2019. 

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