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6sense Updates Its Capacity to Provide Dynamic Display Advertising



6sense has updated its offerings. The update features enhancement of its dynamic creative suite. The update works by taking advantage of 6sense’s Company Graph to get information about the account marketers are advertising to. According to the CEO of 6sense, if marketers are going to use a thorough ABM strategy, they’ve got to use display campaigns, and that’s where the update comes in. This move is expected to help in shaping the future of B2B marketing. 

6sense is an account orchestration platform that has recently released an update to the way it provides display advertising. The update could be said to effect 6sense’s creative suite of products. 

The whole point of the update is to help marketers provide personalized service in their display ads. 

The update itself takes advantage of 6sense’s Company Graph. More specifically, the update uses the Company Graph to collect account-level information about the person who’s being targeted. The type of information gathered would include the name of the viewer’s company or personalized communications created from a 6sense-compatible account-segment.

In other words, an example of the type of information collected from 6sense’s update to its display advertising might look like adapted messaging created from account segments that were constructed within the 6sense platform. 

These dynamic ads are supposed to be done manually—that is, they’re self-service. They’re specifically set up to be that way. 

According to the CEO of 6sense, Jason Zintak, if marketers wish to run effective account-based marketing and sales strategy, display advertising is an absolute must. The nature of these dynamic display ads allows the customer an extended reach—they are able to get to the accounts they want with personalized ads. These ads help the marketer’s engagement numbers and help the customer move the needle to where they need it to be.

This update also added a few other features to the account-orchestration platform. According to Demand Gen. Report, “6sense also recently added an external media campaigns feature to its suite that embeds impression and click-tracking pixels within ads. This feature enables customers to track account-level engagement metrics within 6sense regardless of the platform used to serve display ads.”

Original article from DemandGen Report on 20 December 2019. 

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