6sense and Bombora Go Further to Provide Buyer Insights



6sense has recently decided to strengthen their partnership with Bombora by enabling “Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent” on their platform. The move allows 6sense customers to fine-tune their account-based tactics and provide dynamic segmentation opportunities.

6sense, an AI-assisted account engagement company, and Bombora, a B2B intent data provider, have recently decided to take their existing partnership a step further. The two businesses are working together to equip 6sense with “Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent.”

This will allow 6sense to provide new opportunities for their customers with the new capabilities supplied to them by Bombora. It also opens up new ways for them to segment audiences, as well as provide more intent data when used with the 6sense Sales Intelligence module.

A number of Bombora customers are satisfied with the strengthening of Bombora’s and 6sense’s partnership. The CMO at computer software company, Kazoo, Casey Carey, certainly is. In a statement, he said:

With the combined solution we’ve increased the number of in-market accounts identified by 15%, seen a 20% increase in accounts converting from the predicted Purchase stage to pipeline opportunity, and increased our lead-to-win rate by 14%, which is game changing.

The Founder and CEO of Bombora, Eric Matlik, commented that this deepening partnership is all about providing data that helps drive revenue decisions. 6sense is already the frontrunner in providing purchasing intent data, and with “Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent,” companies can truly focus on the accounts that matter. Matlik also said:

The combined 6sense and Bombora solutions produce a full-funnel predictive analytics engine fueled by robust, curated B2B data coverage. Bombora Company Surge® adds a unique, consent-based intent signal to 6sense’s already powerful intent capabilities and predictive models. The addition of Company Surge® to 6sense can result in more in-market target accounts identified, increased predictive accuracy of which accounts will turn into customers, and actionable recommendations for creating relevant engagement.

Viral Bajaria, CTO and Co-founder of 6sense, said that this partnership is “top-of-the-line—the most complete customer view available on the market.”

Original article from MartechSeries on 8 July 2021. 

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